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MAROM – an acronym for “Mercaz Ruchani u’ Masorti”–the Center for Spiritual and Masorti Judaism–is an organization open to young adults ages 18-35 years old. Its primary goal is to build Jewish and Zionist identity, develop young leadership for the Conservative/Masorti Movement and create a structure where young adults can express themselves, learn and meet others in a positive, challenging and supportive atmosphere. The international office of MAROM Olami is in Jerusalem with MAROM centers across the world.

  • MAROM members come together for Shabbat and holiday celebrations, text study, regional seminars, cultural festivals, social events, discussions and lectures on topics of Jewish interest and Zionism.
  • MAROM believes in living a modern Jewish lifestyle, continually learning and dealing with issues of day to day reality from a Masorti perspective. MAROM strives to strengthen the connections between Masorti students and young adults in Israel and those throughout the Diaspora, to deepen awareness among Masorti young adults of the centrality of Israel, and to encourage “hagshamah” or “self-realization” through aliyah to Israel. Marom Olami supports new immigrants to Israel from around the world by offering seminars in Israel, support groups, learning groups and more.
  • MAROM activities take place in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Spain, UK, Uruguay and Ukraine.  In North America, MAROM is associated with KOACH, the College Outreach Department of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. In Latin America MAROM is associated with Chazit Hanoar, the youth movement of Conservative synagogues.
  • In addition, MAROM Olami sponsors both short and long-term programs to Israel for its members, including Shnat Hachshara Lemadrichei Chul, MASA Makor, Drachim, Beit El Mexico Israel program and more. For long term details, click here. For short term details, click here.


  • MAROM Olami receives support from Masorti Olami, MERCAZ Olami, the Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency.


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