Testimony from a LejLeja participant

My Israel Experience
Maximiliano Shalom, 15/03/2010

Not so long ago, the idea of spending a year of my life studying in Israel seemed distant and exotic. I have always been interested in studying Torah in an optimal environment, and for the past few years I have been looking into experiencing life outside of Argentina and seeing the world from another point of view.
But I had no idea what it really meant to live here in Jerusalem, in the center of the Jewish people, until I came on the LejLeja program through MAROM AMLAT and I began to see it for myself.
Here is the meeting point between the spiritual and the material, between deep study and mundane activities, between tradition and modernity, between past and future. Being in Israel will be a milestone in my life and a time that will always be remembered fondly.
Having just gotten married, I was accompanied by my wife in order to improve both our professional and vocational experiences. Our new phase in life began in Israel: she is completing an internship in the ecology laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and I am ending my formal study of Torah.
Although the environment in which we study or work is very friendly, I must mention something even more remarkable: the quality of life we have here. From having peace of mind to leave the door open to the house because nobody will take what is not theirs, to being out for a walk and seeing that it is possible to run errands while your little children walk the streets without danger or harm. All this in a country that breathes Jewish tradition and walks to the beat of Judaism at every step.
I have no doubt that the experience of living in Israel, beyond the added value that it may have on academic or professional training, represents a qualitative leap in life, allowing you to profit from personal growth, enrichment and a more complete Jewish worldview.

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