MAROM Europe meeting in London

MAROM Europe conference summary

Early March, 2010, over 30 young adults from 11 difference European countries met in London for an intense 3-day conference. The conference focused on leadership and vision building for these young MAROM leaders who are challenged with continuing the important task of ensuring activities for pluralistic Jewish students and young adults in their local cities.
Sessions were held on identity and vision building and we addressed the question of how to build a supportive and enclusive community. We addressed the challenge of implementing the vision into a reality and raised different cooporations such as the Moishe House, which can further each local MAROM. We delved into Jewish text and experienced a spiritual Shabbat together. We had the privilage to take part in the successful Masorti Europe conference for a day full of learning and enrichment and had the chance to meet many leaders of the Masorti communities from across Europe.
For a few of our participants – this was their first visit to London and we made sure to experience the city with a tour of the East End of London where we learned about the history of the London Jewish population. Our Shabbat dinner was kindly hosted by the residents of the Noam Bayit who led a conversation about the Noam youth movement and their activities in London.
The most important aspect of this seminar together was the personal connections and bonds made between the participants. The group experienced a night out in the London nightlife scene and further their connections and ties.

MAROM leadership came from:
•    Prague, Czech Republic
•    Paris and Nice, France
•    Berlin, Germany
•    Budapest, Hungary
•    Jerusalem, Israel
•    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
•    Ljubljana, Slovenia
•    Alicante, Madrid and Valencia, Spain
•    Stockholm, Sweden
•    London, UK

The many connections made during this conference will further the support network that we are striving to create and nurture. We deeply believe in the importance of these face-to-face meetings in order to be able to build a strong MAROM base in Europe. We are looking forward to future MAROM Europe conferences and having many more opportunities to work together.

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Thank you to Eszter Susan and Inbar Bluzer for organizing this conference and to all those who helped before, during and after the conference. Thank you also to Matt Plen for his support and leadership and to Gill Caplin for making this conference possible. Thank you so much to the kind welcoming members of the NNLS congregation who hosted MAROM Europe participants in their homes and to the Noam Bayit for a fabulous Shabbat dinner!