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Israel by Design is your chance to come to Israel for 5 to 10 months to learn, volunteer and experience daily life in Israel: all in a program that you choose, according to your interests.

Israel by Design is for individuals, groups, or a few friends looking to share a meaningful long-term experience in Israel. The program is open to English-speaking Jewish young adults aged between 20 and 30.

Israel by Design provides all the tools and support necessary to your success, as well as group seminars and tours.

Here’s how it works:
First you choose the basics: the length of your program, and where you’d like to live.

‚Next you add volunteering: in a children’s village, animal shelter, Magen David Adom ambulance service, help an NGO with their social media, support African refugees, pick avocados…the options are endless!

ƒFinally you add courses: from academic courses, to yeshiva courses, to environmental studies, to learning with a local artist, to scuba certification, to hang gliding lessons, desert meditation and yoga, Israeli martial arts, cooking… the choice is yours!

Israel by Design also offers a Conservative/Masorti Experience – a chance to see Israel through Conservative Judaism’s pluralistic lens.

The Conservative/Masorti Experience will enrich your knowledge, develop your community leadership skills and offer you the chance to bond with Masorti Israeli families.

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Israel by Design is a long-term Israel program operated by MAROM Olami in partnership with The Israel Experience Ltd, and is recognized as part of the MASA initiative.

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