Hachshara Beit El Mexico


This three-month program is for future leaders of the youth movements of the Masorti Movement in Israel. The aim of the program for each participant is to incorporate education, leadership, Zionism, Judaism, and non-formal administration organization in the framework of developing a Jewish identity and living amongst the community and greater society. Furthermore, the program includes an educational methodology that includes classroom lessons, workshop seminars and experiental activities.
The program has two main components:

Volunteering — The participants live in the absorption centers of the Jewish Agency and work as volunteers in the educational fields of the centers, and in the conservation of the physical space. The students receive a group budget to administrate their food, transportation and personal interests costs. Also they are responsible for the development of the socio-educational projects within the absorption center and this pushes them to think about how they will reapply the same projects in their community. The success of the projects in the absorption center will only increase the success when they return to their homes.

Kibbutz Life — In the belief of the meaningful communal experience, Kibbutzism, as demonstrated in many aspects of Israeli society, the students will be volunteering in Kibbutzim additionally to their obligations at the absorption centers. They will work in different areas of the kibbutz. We will provide opportunities for the participants to work in fields of interest, while still satisfying the needs of the daily kibbutz needs.
During the program, the participants will receive activities and presentation of a Masorti Lifestyle, via their madrichim. Each month there will be seminars and trips to increase and strengthen the annual educational process of learning about Zionism, Israel society and Masorti Judaism.
The program includes: covered medical insurance, food and all living accomodations.

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